Transformational executive coaching
for your business

Undertaking transformational coaching means giving yourself a challenge in order to discover and give value to your uniqueness.   It  means being ready to work on your potential as well as on your vulnerabilities, to become more aware of your way of being, accepting it without fear.

Stepping aside from the usual context and entering a safe and contemplative space, the coachee is allowed to observe real life from a new point of view and to identify new possible behaviors and solutions.

While helping the coachee achieve progressive goals, transformational coaching takes him/her along a process that aims to increase his/her leadership and personal impact, to give value to his/her predispositions, to realize more and more how the personal story has shaped his/her way of thinking and behaving.

This path provides the necessary tools to recognize strengths and “blind spots”, to understand their impact on relationships and to face the leadership’s challenge

“This coaching path is useful for opening new possible options of behaviors”

It’s a “focused oriented” process built through confidence, listening, proximity to emotions, new questions and reflection on the impact we want to have at work and in our life.

Andrea Vitullo is specialized in transformational coaching paths for executives. He is a leadership development consultant with Board management experience across a wide range of industries and organizational levels.

For 20 years, Andrea has coached top managers supporting them in developing authentic relational skills, becoming more effective in enabling the power of different multicultural teams, leveraging people diversity and favoring inclusive policies inside corporations. Andrea supports managers in using their expertise, motivations and desires to promote impact and results in organizations.

Coaching specialties: leader as a coach, emotional intelligence, presence and focus, team development, cross-cultural and diversity issues, mindfulness and presence.

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  • Prior to establishing Inspire, for many years Andrea Vitullo held top management roles in the area of Marketing and Communication for a number of different companies.
  • Since 2006 he is the CEO and founder of his independent consulting and coaching practice in Milano, Inspire S.a.s.


  • Bachelor’s degree and MBA (magna cum laude) in Economy from LUISS University in Rome.
  • Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change at Insead and HEC (Fontainebleau and Paris).
  • Advanced diploma in Executive Coaching at Academy of Executive Coaching in London
  • Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Diploma
  • Associate Professor at Ca Foscari University of Venice and Verona.
  • Professor at Executive Master in Business Administration EMBA (Università degli studi di Udine)


Sectors: Consumer goods, financial services, insurance, energy, pharmaceutical, luxury, retail